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Key Broken

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Key Broken : Many of our clients call in for a key repair service once remove broken key from door lock it is needed. When a broken key in door lock we need first to know if the key can be seen in the key hole.

When a key broke in a door lock and snap after the first lock pin it is not possible to extract the key because the pin it self it is holding the key inside the lock and cannot be removed.

Low quality keys or stiff locks can cause a “key snapped in lock” situation. Once the key breaks off in lock or broken key out of lock its the right time to call one of our consultants . Call Now !

bend key

Most common Yale lock key broken after a continuous use of a year or so. Signs shown on keys before they snap are easy to see to the naked eye. The most common found is that the key starts to bend or twist on it self. That’s the right moment to call one of our technicians for a  Lock Service or try to have the key duplicate in one of the shops that collaborate with us.

If Your key broke inside door lock there are many way to extract it. If you would like to have a go yourself please follow the not to do advices as follow:

  • Do Not Force The Lock : If a lock, bolt or latch get forced it will probably band. The next step will be to drill out the lock which it is a much more expensive way to get the door open.
  • Do Not Push The Key In : If, as explained above, a key passes the first pin it will be impossible to extract it.
  • Do Not Try To Extract It Whit Inappropriate Tools : Sticks , metal pieces or wires can damage the lock or the pins in it.

Testimonials :

…I just got back home from work, took out my keys and as soon as I insert my key it broke in the lock . I call Award Locksmith and he arrived in 20 minutes or so… He open the door in less than 3 minutes . I whose amazed !! NO DAMAGE DONE an I can now use my spare keys without having the lock change .

                                              Jenny Utchinson


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